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Fashion Jewellery

Our digital marketing strategy doesn’t only empower the fashion jewellery brand, it also empowers the consumer. We drive store visits, increase awareness and elevate the image of the brand with precise techniques.

Our Digital Strategies for Fashion Jewellery

  • A Great Website: By means of a great website, we attract more customers and significantly increase the revenue. We create web pages on the homepage that provide in-depth information about the brand and landing pages that behave as e-commerce portals that highlight a particular line of products.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Closeout Marketing ensures that the brand appears on the first page of world’s leading search engine by creating an ultimate SEO checklist accompanied by various link-building techniques and SEO plugins for WordPress. We also focus on detailed keyword research and competitor analysis to know what the target audience is searching for.
  • Engaging content: We post engaging content on daily basis as Fashion Jewellery brands need to leverage the reach of informative blogs and go the extra mile with creative infographics, embedded videos and intriguing images that keep viewers hooked.
  • Social Media: Closeout Marketing utilizes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest among others to increase the exposure of Fashion jewellery brand. We also opt for innovative social media campaigns to create awareness about the brand, promote the products and engage with the followers.
  • Videos: We create thought-provoking snippets through video campaigns that are guaranteed to draw in more subscribers and build the brand image online.

Besides, our Digital Marketing tactics for Fashion Jewellery also include Influencer Marketing, Posting Your Store on Google My Business (GMB) Listings and Online Ads for Higher Sales.

Prime Features

  • Improve lead generation.
  • Better visibility in market.
  • Better insights to drive action.
  • Enhance ROI and attribution.


The major challenge was to sustain the engagement when social media platforms change their algorithms, offerings, or prices.


Closeout Marketing exploits clever ways to grow the audience, specifically by focusing on channels we own. Using chatbots to serve up content, focusing on contextual sign ups and optimize based on where subscribers come from are some of the ideas to overcome the challenges.


Media Companies were able to take their brand to a different level altogether

Delivery Time

We take pride in our delivery timeline and expertise invested to get the job done.