Portfolio - NGO


Closeout Marketing takes immense pride in empowering the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to go digital. We profile and target the audience through sophisticated options available in most digital channels, including demographic characteristics, locations, behaviours and interests online.

  • Initiate online presence by creating a website which will be a helpful to create awareness about the NGO.
  • Writing blogs on the good deeds done by the NGO and publishing them on well-established platforms.
  • Creating Videos and posting them on the Social Media to reach the right audience and increase the engagement.
  • Regularly posting the images of the recent events organized by the NGOs and keeping their services transparent .
  • Besides, our digital tactics also include circulating press releases & newsletter, local directory listings, participating in community, forums & blogs, email marketing and so on.

Prime Features

  • Social media presence.
  • Awareness and engagement.
  • Boost in fundraising.
  • Publicize mission and vision.
  • Improve search engine rankings.
  • performance.
  • Measure impact.
  • Relationships building.
  • Global recognition.


Our digital strategy redefined several NGO's market position.


We take pride in our delivery timeline and expertise invested to get the job done.